Saturday, January 17, 2009

Zebrafish GenomeWiki Beta Preview

Zebrafish GenomeWiki is a shared genomics resource for community annotation of the Zebrafish genome on the lines of the “Wikipedia”. Members of the Zebrafish community can create new data sets, annotate, comment and edit existing data sets using the Zebrafish GenomeWiki portal. The Zebrafish GenomeWiki will permit community experts and individual investigators to add the latest genomics information and discuss alternative annotations in real time there by speeding up the fine annotation the Zebrafish genome. Currently there are over 3 x 10^5 documents in the Zebrafish GenomeWiki and we are still growing!!

The Zebrafish GenomeWiki Beta Preview version is now available at

Please Note: We are still working on the portal and many obvious thinks need to be fixed including the Search tool.

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